Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Everybody Is Doin' It In '04 (and we are soooo proud!)

Millions of VoterVirgins are making history in the 2004 election and it's really amazing to see! You are empowered, prepared to practice safe voting, and will not be denied at the polls. It's great to hear your voice as part of this event.

A few last minute gems of inspiration and tools if you need them.

Please share a little Love with us and let us know how the first time went for you. We encourage everyone to leave a comment here after you have voted.

1. Know where your polling place is.
2. Bring ID (photo may be required): driver's license or state id, passport, your voter registration card, a bill with your name and address on it.
3. If you are told you are not on the voter rolls call: 1-866-OUR VOTE and be sure to ask for a provisional ballot if necessary.
4. DO NOT LET ANYONE INTIMIDATE YOU AT THE POLLS. Know your voter's bill of rights
5. Lines may appear longer than actual size. It's worth the wait!


If you still need to figure out where to vote try www.mypollingplace.com (not a complete list) OR check out the easy instructions at "Everything You Need To Know To Practice Safe Voting".

Election Protection Bilingual Hotline: If you have any trouble voting you can call: 1-866-OUR VOTE. PFAW has also published a lovely voter's right guide for almost every state as well. Do not be denied at the polls this year.

Still undecided? Try The League of Women Voters for a candidate and issues guide OR take the Public Agenda First Choice Quiz to help match your values with candidates. Want to view the sassiest grasssroots voterguide of the season? Check out Indy Voter.

Top Ten Reasons To Vote:

1. Vote For Love
2. Vote To Be Heard
3. Vote Because Some People Don't Want You To
4. Vote Like You Need A Job
5. Vote Because You Own It
6. Vote For Less Evil
7. Vote For Your Future
8. The World Is Waiting
9. For Those Who Have Come Before Us
10. Vote Because You Can

You can e-mail this blog link to any of your friends. Please Spread the Love and increase voter participation among your friends and family. Every vote matters. Every vote counts. VOTE NO MATTER WHAT.

BIRDS & BEES: Let's make every day an election day: More free porn for people who vote.

JOCKS: In case you are still undecided about all this: Maybe the candidate's positions on steroids will tip the balance.

TECHNOLOGY: Nice track record, by the way: Problems with e-voting systems first surfaced six years ago.

TUNES: Whistle while vote: Here's a catchy little number with a chorus that is pretty hard to forget.

WEB SURF: Had enough of all of this already? Then just punch out your least favorite Presidential candidate.